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Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Yet again it's been a long time since I posted here. A very very long time....

So much has happened that I hardly know where to start, or if I ought to. A large part of me has been wanting to write and yet I'm bothered by the thought that I won't get around to doing this very often these days. I'm slightly embarrassed by the gap between posts! I am as rubbish as ever at uploading photographs. Should I just accept I am overstretched and call it a day?

I've come full circle: life was moving away from all things birth/baby related as my sweet children grow older.  I should have had more time to write. But then, after pretty much deciding we were happy with 2 children we changed our minds! It doesn't seem to have taken very long for the most recent small man in our family, Cosmo, to make himself at home. I could be writing about EC again now as we dance the intuitive mother and baby dance together... but I'm not....I'm definitely struggling to find time where I have 2 hands free to type anything at all.

Let's see if I get around to some more posts any time soon before I make any decision on this. I've made enough tricky decisions lately.

To be continued?........

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