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Monday, 20 December 2010

Presents and Furoshiki

Lovely Jeanette posted this fab link which has inspired me to try something different with wrapping for the gifts we are giving this Christmas, I wanted to pass it on too...even though I'm not as organised as her and I haven't even finished making and buying all the gifts yet! I am certainly not organised enough to have wrapped any up, though I'm feeling encouraged to get on and do it now ;)

We are making lots of consumable things to give- edible treats and bath bombs, and the rest of the things we are giving tend to be practical or things that people have specifically requested. I can't bear the waste of buying for the sake of it, though it's easy to fall into that trap at this time of year....crazy.

I am looking forward to bringing Solstice into our celebrations more this year, as that really resonates with me more than the Christian festival ever has.

Hope you are all snuggled up warm and cosy wherever you are, and that you enjoy your celebrations!
Warmest winter wishes, love and light and blessings for 2011 to all
with much love Sarah xxx

Friday, 17 December 2010


I'm worrying about money. It's probably daft to do this but such a lot has gone out this month, and not on nice frivolities and the festive season: sadly it's more mundane costs that are draining our purse.

There's more than this though: I'm worrying that worrying might be trying to creep back into my habitual behaviour! I've been feeling quite relaxed and cool about things lately, and I've been doing well with embracing the spirit of abundance. "Love is money, money is love" and " there is enough". All that.... but actually, there isn't an abundance of hard cash here right now! Quite the opposite...we're really skint.

Also, our circumstances are really starting to change. I don't want to get into feeling anxious about life changes now, right at the beginning of the next bit of the journey. I need to go forward with the same sense of clarity and purpose I've been feeling, not turn to jelly the moment the going gets a little bit tougher. Seems it's that same old thing about life playing tricks on you, just when you think you're "getting" how it works everything changes again!...Here come some more lessons ;)

Anyway, I just opened the back door to let the dog out and there is a layer of snow over the garden. I love snow. I love the way it muffles and mutes the sounds of the city, how it illuminates the night with a clean light, tidies away the rubbish and hides the imperfections. It changes the way we see the world. And then it just goes, melts away into nothing and it's almost like it was never there. It's a good reminder of the importance of perspective and the impermanence of everything.

A kind friend remarked on a strategy for managing worry today. Ask yourself:  "Will this matter in five years? Will you remember?" The chances are the financial details will be very different in five years, hopefully better. I can't think of anything I would really remember feeling anxious about, or be likely to still be worrying about in 5 years. This is good.

When I start thinking like this again, it's a bit like a blanket of snow falling over my rubbish heap!.I still need to sort out what's there and take it to the tip, but this buys me some time and for now it is as beautiful as everything else. With a sprinkle of snow I can appreciate my anxiety for what it is: part of my journey, a lesson....even if it hasn't melted away it's a bit better like this.