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Sunday, 29 March 2009

Good vibes

I just looked over my last few posts and really felt my lack of positive energy for the EC process coming through. 

Charndra commented on my last post, highlighting the need to enjoy the journey rather than looking to the destination, which I honestly think I do in my everyday life as an ECer. A miss is really not a big deal for me. However, looking back, my musings here don't come across that way. There's much talk of the practicalities and results of EC, and little of the joys! 

The very best thing about EC, without doubt, is knowing what your baby is saying to you. Having enough closeness and intimate knowledge of your child's desires to keep everything on an even keel, sort of pre-emptive parenting, is magical ;) Nothing to do with pants, potties, pee and poo really. Even when your child is on a potty strike, like M now, knowing that they are needing to go but definitely resisting for some reason or another, is important. So, never mind talking about "good EC" in terms of what I'm catching....I'll try and focus on how EC, or the knowledge and communication skills we have developed through EC, is shaping my little boy and our relationship now. 

M is really blossoming and reaching out to interact with everyone. Of course, he has been communicating with me since he was born. He's always been pretty social, but this last week or so has seen a definite surge of his energy going into new ways of making himself heard both with me and others. It's interesting that he's been poorly with a nasty virus of some sort and a high fever, and after the illness he's taken a huge leap forward. 

Some general examples. He suddenly seems to be signing a lot more, mainly to chat- remarking on the sky, birds, cats, diggers, being home. Verbally he is saying down, dog (doooh), grape, din din din (combined with  gestures towards food he would like!) and loads more. He joined in with a chorus of "down down down" at the right place when I played the Grand Old duke of York on the piano last week, recognising the tune immediately. He is following instructions and responding to complex questions: I asked him what he thought would happen next as he was watching the washing machine fill and he waved his arm round and round in a circle with a  big grin on his face. Sweet. He sometimes asks for the potty with his sign, and shakes or nods if you ask him if he wants to go. I usually know the answer, and he's not always truthful when I ask him! He sakes his head vigorously to show his lack of enthusiasm for things. 

I admit most of this interaction would be happening whether or not I'd ECd him. But I do honestly believe that his desire to communicate, and his confidence stem from having been listened to and respected from day one in every sense, including needing to go potty. 

Thursday, 26 March 2009


Well I was hoping to write about all things EC here, though I haven't been writing much at all lately. My most recent 3 week hiatus was because I haven't been wanting to post about good news...whenever I talk about or make any acknowledgement of "good" ECing it seems to go all wrong! I jinx it... 

Anyway, things have been going really well, I have washed virtually no nappies in the last couple of weeks and I was feeling pretty good about things. Not smug, I hasten to add! I was almost considering getting the little pants on M again soon. 

BUT now, even without talking about it, we've been missing loads of wees. Alas, I don't think he has enough trousers to risk the small undies just yet. I need his trousers to survive a while day or more, if possible when being worn by my messy eater, crawler, dirt explorer. Pee is just too risky when outer pants are such a precious commodity!

I was never expecting linear progress so it's not suprising to find we seem to be going backwards again now ;) hey ho....

I am also wondering how on earth I am ever going to get M to pee on a toilet. I think I will hold the bucket over the loo and see if that eases the transition at all. Outside is still the favourite place. Thank goodness spring is here and it's less chilly on his bum! 

Cake in the oven smelling mighty fine, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Adieu.