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Friday, 22 January 2010

NVC Giveaway

NVC has been in my thoughts, and more importantly in my attempts to communicate compassionately, a lot recently.

Annie has a fantastic NVC book giveaway on her wonderful blog, but be quick!- the closing date for comments to enter the draw is 25th Jan. To be honest, if you miss the giveaway, her blog is a real gift in itself. Enjoy ;)

Coming soon

I struggled to drop off to sleep last night, my mind was whirring. I couldn't help turning things (all sorts of things) over and over in my head, and all the posts I want to write here kept popping up here and there amongst my other random thoughts.

I need an evening to gather my thoughts and make some serious lists. Not to mention sorting my photos and filing. I've been ignoring just about everything extra (on top of day to day life) I've needed to do. Now I'm not quite sure where to start! You could call this procrastination, but to a degree it's also been self preservation, as I am still feeling exhausted and slow, that midwinter feeling's still with me.

I do feel my energy returning. I'm getting ready to put out some small blooms like the pretty snowdrops here.Watch this space!.....