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Friday, 19 August 2011

The facebook status updates I never posted.....

I've been wondering how on earth I will ever feel able to start blogging again after the passage of so much time. Moving has taken it's toll on our family in so many respects. Time to do anything much apart from eat, sleep and do what we need to do to keep going is more scarce than ever. Time for my own pursuits and creativity is proving one of the hardest things to claw back now the dust is settling.

In order that I can dive back in and start writing in the present tense, I feel the need for a brief catch up. To save everyone from my waffle I have been inspired to do this in the style of the facebook status update. I seem to have wasted many hours looking at facebook since I somewhat reluctantly reinstated my account, so it seems fitting to appropriate something that has stolen lots of my time for my own time and effort saving benefit!

So, here are the updates I could have posted from  March 2011 to now.

  • is officially in residence at her Mother's, with fella, kids, dog and cat. How did this happen?
  • owns a house in a total state of chaos and disorder. And wonders how we will live there in the next few weeks.
  • is totally knackered
  • is absolutely filthy
  • is bewildered
  • feels so sorry for her poor children, with their world turned upside down
  • wonders if this is ever going to get easier
  • needs HELP!!!!
  • wants to go home
  • is completely skint 
  • learnt a lot, albeit in a difficult and expensive way.
  • needs to value and trust herself more
  • wants her happy contented family back
  • really needs some space
  • forgives herself and others
  • is happy living in building site ;-)
  • How do I choose where to put my energy?
  • brimming with ideas, frustrated at lack of opportunities to create
  • Happy Birthday Joel
  • nervous and excited about weekend of Yoga with Matthew Sweeney
  • relaxed, peaceful and inspired
  • happy to see good friends
  • enjoying exploring countryside and art in Lancashire
  • I love Towneley Park. And my in-Laws.
  • Magnus can float! Weightless again. 
  • nothing like the feeling of being known and understood
  • inherited a futon, thanks Elizabeth
  • carnival rush rush rush christening......
  • Happy Birthday Esme
  • a party, fishes out of water and new connections. It's all good.
  • another party, in our building site. And a snatched visit to the Boo. 
  • Happy Birthday to me. We finally made it to Offshoots and I want to build a yurt now.
  • bankruptcy looming after trip to local health food store. At least he can pay his mortgage this month...
  • down behind the Backstreets down in Rawtenstall..... 
  • building a dry stone wall, of course. 
  • nervous anticipation, off to Mother Camp...no mobile phones, loads of hippy families....am I good enough?
  • What an amazing, inspiring, exciting time we had. Wish it wasn't over.  
  • saved by the good folk of Altham Mill and needle felting. Longing to sing
  • Poor Esme: less than 24 hours after the joy of finding Baby Annabel for £3 in the charity shop, the disappointment that she cannot really drink water
  • live and let live eh?
  • off to Suffolk again, looking forward to some family time and a week with Great Granny.
  • wants to live in Walberswick, very at home in Suffolk.
  • angry at the people rioting, shame you can't nick a brain and a conscience.....
  • David Cameron, what an idiot
  • now I remember why I don't watch the news. The HORROR.
  • sluggish and feeling chubby after being force fed pudding and drinking loads of booze every day for a week.
  • misses Joel a lot. 
  • needs a new kitchen
  • brimming with ideas, creativity and excitement
  • wants more family time
  • is grateful
  • is glad to see so much more of Liz Mutch these days.
  • beginning to play guitar, again
  • pleased to be back in the blogosphere
And there we are, up to date. ;-)


Jeanette said...

Hey you! Good to see you back. :0)

Sue-Ann said...

Brilliant idea and great post! It sums it up well, lots of truth and honesty there, good for you. I'm so happy you are my friend and I love you!

Annie said...

Ha! What a fun update! A real rollercoaster... xx